What to rub in St. Petersburg: places where make wishes

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Recently , panoramas of streets of St. Petersburg , Vyborg and Gatchina have been added to the panoramas of Moscow streets on Yandex.Maps . Since then, many have already managed to go around Moscow and St. Petersburg far and wide, explore all the main attractions , find familiar routes or just funny shots . Some people use Street Panoramas in a very creative way - for example, moscowwalks.ru released a series of podcasts about the history of some of the capital's streets.

And we invite you to a virtual tour - around the places of St. Petersburg, which everyone is looking for, but not everyone knows where to find them. These are places where it is customary to make wishes. Masha Orlova , project manager of the Street Panorama project , tells and shows where dreams come to in St. Petersburg .

And let everything come true!

Masha Orlova and Anya Lamtyugina, we believe in miracles.

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