Hackday in Moscow

    Max Lapshin, erlyvideo maintainer (http://erlyvideo.org/), suggests holding a hackday in Moscow this Saturday, March 13th.

    Hello. I have a desire this Saturday (March 13, 2010)
    to hold in Moscow the so-called hackday.

    According to erlyvideo.org, there is a task for several hours of work:
    github.com/erlyvideo/erlyvideo/issues/issue/33 The

    task is limited and isolated from erlyvideo, therefore it can be
    interesting as educational in erlang for
    those who have no experience, but from the outside those who have been writing for a long time would be
    good to hear comments.

    The format is supposed to be such that I can do this task somewhere in a
    public place, with the rest of the participants
    the event will be able to promptly ask a question or
    join in something.

    The questions are:
    1) is there any interest in this topic?
    2) is there any interest in this format?
    3) where is this done? Despite the best horseradish in the city, Gogol is
    not well suited due to the noise and the configuration of the tables, more suitable for a

    So far, there are 2-3 people who want to come from the ror2ru group, but many people who want to
    join online, so I’ll probably organize the
    translation of the desktop with the chatroom.

    Details here

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