New Intel processors - new world overclocking records from Russian enthusiasts

    Less than two weeks are left until the official launch of new top-end processors from Intel. Engineers of the processor giant have prepared for users a top-end version of a six-core processor, which will be called Intel Core i7 980X . The letter X means the extreme version, and this carries two news at once. Good - the processor will be awarded with a free multiplier, which only benefits overclockers. Bad - the cost of the processor can exceed $ 1000. The team of enthusiasts managed to buy an engineering sample of the processor in Europe, and it cost us even more than $ 1000. Three weeks of waiting for delivery, and here we are ready to please habrozhitel immediately bulk world records:


    We managed to get an absolute record on one Sapphire Radeon HD5970 graphics card in 3DMark05, world records on the Radeon HD5870 in 3Dmark05, 3Dmark06 and AquaMark3.

    The six-core Intel Westmere processor is a server-side version of the desktop version. The differences between the versions are the names of the cores: for the server ones - Westmere, for the desktop ones - Gulftown, and also that Westmere, as befits a server processor, can work in tandem on a dual-socket motherboard.

    Test bench:

    - Intel Westmere ES processor
    - EVGA Classified 760 motherboard (modification made to support Westmere)
    - 3x2Gb DDR3 Corsair Dominator GTX2 2250 MHz CL8 RAM
    - Sapphire Radeon HD5970, XFX Radeon HD5870 video cards.
    - cooling system: LN2 Pot klngln F1EE, LN2 VGA Pot Tek9 Slim 5.0
    - cooling: liquid nitrogen.


    On the Radeon HD5870 graphics card in 3Dmark05, I managed to get the result of 47606 3DMarks. The clock frequency during the test was fixed at 6096 MHz. 32 nm process technology gave a good increase in frequency in comparison with the old Core i7. The video card, like the processor, was cooled with liquid nitrogen. The temperature on the processor during the test was maintained at -150 degrees Celsius, and -120 degrees was enough for the video card to work stably at given frequencies.


    3DMark06 also produced a strong result - 36020 3DMarks (I would even say very strong for a video card with one GPU). The main difference between the brand of the sixth year from the fifth is the support for multithreading. Therefore, the gain from increasing the number of cores is very clearly visible in the CPU test. If the processors on the Bloomfield core used to submit 10,000 points with great difficulty, now for the CPU test we got 12 746 points.


    Aquamark3 is such an old test that it cannot fully load the graphics card. Therefore, the basis of a good result in this test was a bunch of processor-memory. The result of 426,279 points is not only a record among this model of video cards, but he managed to surpass even such two-headed monsters as Radeon HD5970 and GeForce GTX295.


    Well, in the end, perhaps the most delicious. The new processor allowed to step over the beautiful milestone of 50,000 points in 3DMark05. The result obtained on the Sapphire Radeon HD5970, overclocked to frequencies of 1000/1150 MHz (core / memory), amounted to 53025 3DMarks. It is especially proud that so far only such a crossing point in Russia has been overcome for me. But I hope that in the near future my friends from the team will catch up with me.

    Special thanks to my friends: Donny for help in organizing, Smoke2009 for a joint bench session.

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