The Russian "Silicon Valley" will appear in 2010?

    imageFor a long time in Russia they have been talking about the creation of a new "Silicon Valley". And so, this year they decided to take decisive action!
    So, according to the Kremlin’s plans, in 2010 a city of the future should appear in the Moscow Region. It is reported that the idea belongs personally to Medvedev and that the money has already been allocated (but not yet mastered). Vladislav Surkov, the first deputy head of the presidential administration and deputy Dmitry Anatolyevich in the modernization commission, was appointed curator. It is planned that the main contractor of the project will be Rusnano. Therefore, its director general Anatoly Chubais joined the working group.

    It is also planned to attract foreign investment and experts. According to reports, the working group includes venture investment experts Ester Dyson (Esther Dyson, USA; invested in XCOR, Constellation Services, Zero-G, Icon Aircraft, Space Adventures and 23andMe), Dominique Fache, France; one of the founders the largest industrial park “Sofia-Antipolis”) and Sven-Thore Holm (Sven-Thore Holm, Sweden; CEO Lundavision AB, participated in the creation of the Swedish Ideon Science Park).

    By April 1, applications are being collected with plans for the implementation of this large-scale project. Then the best of them will be given money for implementation. About 4'000'000'000 rubles have already been allocated from the state budget for these purposes! The amount is impressive. Five areas of activity have been identified: energy efficiency, nuclear technology, medical technology, space technology, strategic information technology.

    Actually, the last two points are the most interesting.

    What should the city of the future be like?

    This is a settlement of 35'000-40'000 people. It should create conditions for the comfortable work of specialists aimed at creating innovative products. That is, this is housing, a high level of wages, all the necessary social institutions (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, sports facilities, etc.), its own militia (police?), High-speed Internet, and so on. So that you can do only your favorite thing. As a result, “residents” must create several products with a total sales volume of 100-200 billion rubles by 2015!

    Will all this really be? The question is open.

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