Google Grants in Russia

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Evgenia Rashevskaya, Google Grants Cultural Lead

We are pleased to announce that at the end of last year in Russia, the Google Grants charity support program was launched.

What are Google Grants?

Google Grants is a unique charitable program that allows non-profit organizations to advertise on Google for free through the Google AdWords contextual advertising system.. The program was launched by Google in 2003 and today it has been successfully operating in 26 countries. It should be noted that the program is supported exclusively by volunteers. This means that Google employees work on it in their free time. In Russia, Google Grants is implemented thanks to our Russian-speaking employees who work in Google offices around the world (in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Wroclaw, Dublin, Mountain View, etc.)

Since the launch of Google Grants, charitable organizations in various countries of the world have been able to carry out many wonderful initiatives, such as raising funds to help victims of tsunamis and earthquakes in Asia and Africa, opening modern libraries in Vietnam and Nepal, organizing sponsorships for teaching children in developing countries, conducting educational and enlightening programs and much, much more. We are proud of these results, but do not want to rest on our laurels. Now we are pleased to offer our assistance to Russian charity organizations.

Who can join the Google Grants Program?

The Google Grants program is intended for charitable organizations whose activities are aimed at improving the life of society in such areas as health, education, social support for adults and children, protecting the environment, helping animals, art, science, technology, etc. We will be glad to see organizations from any cities of Russia among the grantees.

To participate in the Google Grants program, it is necessary that the organization:

- be registered in the Russian Federation as a non-profit;
- had a valid website dedicated to the activities of the company and not of a commercial nature;
- upon receipt of the grant, it actively managed its account (if a representative of the organization does not log into the account within three months, the grant can be withdrawn).

What does the organization that received the grant get?

An organization approved for participation in the Google Grants program is provided with a free advertising account through which it can advertise its site on the Google page next to the search results in order to inform the public about its activities, raise funds, attract donors, recruit volunteers, etc. Our experience working with organizations participating in the Google Grants program shows that, thanks to advertising in AdWords, traffic to their site can increase several times.

The grant to organizations is $ 330 per day, or nearly $ 10,000 per month. This means that the actual cost of advertising placed by the organization through a free Google Grants account may be less, but not more than the specified budget.

Since participation in the program is absolutely free, the only investment on the part of the organization will be the time spent working with the account. And in this case, the result is directly proportional to the time spent. The more often you look at your account and the more you analyze its effectiveness and make appropriate adjustments, the greater the return on advertising you will see.

How to start?

So, if you are a charitable organization, we will be happy to see you among Google grant recipients. First of all, explore our site. , where you can find more information about the program and the requirements for its participants. If you have carefully studied and made sure that the Google Grants program is suitable for you, and your organization meets all the requirements, let us know about yourself by filling out an application for participation in the program. Upon receipt of your application, our experts will review it and notify you of their decision. If the decision is positive, you will receive a letter with detailed instructions on how to register a Google Grants account, how to activate it and start working with it.

Applications from applicants are considered in order of priority. Therefore, if the number of applications is large, the decision on your organization may take some time. However, we draw your attention to the fact that organizations do not compete with each other for receiving a grant, and everyone can be allowed to participate in Google Grants, provided that they satisfy the requirements of the program.

Google Grants is part of our company’s philosophy, according to which we strive to make the world a little better than it is today. We will be pleased to provide all possible support to organizations that share our goals and aspirations. If you know a charity that could benefit from online advertising on Google AdWords, please forward the link to this blog post to representatives. If you work in such an organization, we will be glad to receive an application from you today.

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