Some ideas

    For about two months I thought about the concept of the service, for myself I called it “remorizor”, in other matters the name just occurred to me, and was not obtained as a result of any serious research. I think for the introduction of the words more than enough, it's time to move on to the meaning.


    The service, by design, aggregates user information from various sources, be it flickr, evernote, or something else, and is capable of presenting this information on a timeline and allowing it to be sorted in a way that is convenient for the user (i.e., several of them are available — which is convenient — and sorts ) What actually profit you ask - ok, let's talk about goals.


    I have repeatedly encountered such a problem that let's say I wanted to do something yesterday (that week, that same Friday, the 23rd day of etc), there was a mood, there were thoughts, but there was no time, but now it is, but the mood is lost , and thoughts are already partially too. For me personally, the mood as such is created by several factors, namely the music that I listen to, photo, video materials and articles that I look through. Of course, this is by no means a complete list, but perhaps these are practically the most important factors. Therefore, in order to reproduce the necessary mood, it is necessary to repeat all that (or part) of what was being listened to, etc was read on the necessary day. And, lo and behold, we finally got through the thorns of words to the true meaning - that’s why I planned the service. We go in, look for the right day and see, say, “history” with the ability to view, listen etc As for me - so directly a gift of some kind of fate.

    This is one, rather private use case, but the second example will be much more generalized:

    Let's say you had a corporate party (party, alumni meeting, friendly gatherings, think out what you need) and you want to tell someone about it, but not just show photos / vidyahi, but also to convey the atmosphere - here the service is able to add music files and group it all in a convenient form.

    Instead of an afterword:

    I perfectly understand that such functionality has long been implemented in every single service, but the goal is to aggregate all the information in one place and user-friendly presentation of the complex.

    Z.Y. Well, as always, I welcome constructive criticism, suggestions and suggestions in the comments.

    UPD: This is not a finished project, not even a project in its infancy - this is just an idea, but maybe it will grow into something more, it largely depends on your feedback. Thanks for attention.

    UPD2: So far, I’ve thrown it into this blog who has ideas where it would look better - I ask again in the comments.

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