Traffic jams in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Kiev

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Winter is such a time of year when it is cold, it snows, and motorists go gloomy and swear - because they spend all their free time in traffic jams. According to Yandex.Traffic data, in comparison with last winter, the street congestion in Moscow increased by half a point, and in other cities - even stronger. In Kiev - more than a point, in Yekaterinburg - by 1.5 points, and in St. Petersburg - by two.

And the weather is to blame for everything! Do not believe? Judge for yourself. Here is how things were in Yekaterinburg:

In other cities, things were similar.

Read the rest of the details in the new Yandex studies on traffic jams in four cities:
Enjoy your study!

Yandex motorists, get out of the snowdrifts


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