Preview of Yandex.Bar API for developers: Yandex.Bar with your buttons

    Independent developers, webmasters and owners of online resources! This version of Yandex.Bar is for you.

    When developing Yandex.Bar, we always thought that implementations were worthy of the components of all services, albeit not the most popular ones, but interesting to you and your users. That the buttons on the Yandex.Bar panel should be able to work not only with Yandex services, but also with your favorite sites outside the portal. That the installation of new buttons should not force you to rearrange the entire Bar.
    xButton is an opportunity to give users of your site quick access to the resources they need
    As a result of our thoughts and work on them, the new version of Yandex.Bar 5.0 Beta introduced a language for describing custom buttons and its supporting API. This bundle is called "xButton".

    xButton - an opportunity to place your button in millions of browsersYandex.Bar users. Anyone can write their own button or set of buttons and offer it to other users.

    The xButton language is descriptive; no programming skills are required to create buttons. Not required, but will be useful when writing complex components :) xButton is relatively safe - a component written with it cannot delete files on a computer or write a virus to a hard drive.

    We have prepared an introduction to the xButton language and API. You can see examples of implementation of buttons on the platform and get links to documentation here: “ Creating custom buttons for Yandex.Bar 5.0 Beta. Using xButton, examples and documentation . "

    We plan to develop the capabilities of the platform, improve documentation and simplify the process of writing new components. For a successful start, we need your feedback and comments.

    Download Yandex.Bar 5.0 Beta, make your own button to it, and tell us about it, as well as what you would add or improve in the new Bar platform.

    Yandex.Bar 5.0 Beta for Internet Explorer
    Yandex.Bar 5.0 Beta for Firefox

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