Right to make a mistake

    Back in 2007, I realized what irritated me with trendy books on management, finding a way in life and making a million. These books do not leave me the right to make a mistake. They do not recognize this right for me.

    The authors of all the aforementioned meaningless paper are afraid of the word failure with all their might . They are afraid of this word for themselves, for their readers - for everything that surrounds them. They try to look perfect and happy, and they make their readers feel stupid and uncomfortable. And the only grateful audience of these books is fools .

    By becoming successful , successful in terms of management books, you stop being happy. Because your only concern is running. Running only forward, only in a straight line and without the possibility of rest, respite and the right to take a careless step.

    Fortunately, people in this world are very different. Different in their abilities and capabilities. And there is nothing shameful that you are not the best employee, there is nothing shameful even that you are the worst. You are what you are. Everyone has a place for you. To be ideal and successful is, in my opinion, the only right that I want to refuse people. I want to refuse for one simple reason: people are much better than they think about themselves in those moments when they feel successful.

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