The largest video service in Russia with full-length content launched

    The largest investment fund Runet ru-Net Ltd. launches the project - the largest video service in Russia of full-length legal content. The creators of the project focused on ease of use and free access to a huge catalog of films, TV shows, TV shows and cartoons.

    The service has already signed deals on the acquisition of rights to display popular TV shows, films and TV programs from the largest copyright holders, including TNT, STS, MTV, MUZ-TV, STRIM, the Central Partnership and Amedia film companies, and studios SOYUZMULTFILM and 2V Studio, the international television channels World Fashion Channel and BBC, as well as many other companies. In total, licensing agreements have been signed with more than a hundred copyright holders.


    Already on the website are available such films as Vicky Cristina Barcelona , Taras Bulba , Bride at Any Cost , Down House , and the Top . Among the popular series there are Barvikha , Doctor Zhivago , The Master and Margarita, Elimination , Happy Tree Friends . Of course there is “ Comedy Club ”, “ Our Russia ”, “ Jumble ”, for women there are channels about cooking and fashion , for men - about fishing and cars. Despite the fact that the current catalog already has thousands of units of content, several hundred films, series and programs will be added every week. And by the way, on all the classics of Soviet animation will be available, for example, “Wait a minute!”, “ Prostokvashino ”, “Cheburashka and Crocodile Gene”, as well as the largest licensed anime catalog in Russia (Hellsing, “Ghost in the Shell” "," Lord of ghosts "and many others).


    All site content is completely free and will work on the advertising monetization model. Sales of advertising opportunities and marketing of the project are carried out by Digital Access , a company specializing in aggregating video content and selling online video advertising.

    While the site is available only to users from Russia, but soon the geography of the project will be expanded.

    Answers to questions from the developer (only technical questions).

    I do not have viewing rights, why can not I watch videos not from Russia?
    Gradually we will open content to other countries. You need to understand that the rights to content are acquired for broadcast in certain regions. In this regard, it is somewhat easier to work with services that do not need to report to copyright holders and pay money to them, because they can work in any region.
    We also really want everyone to be comfortable right away. Honestly, I know very well how Russian-speaking people outside of Russia want to watch Russian-language content. We are doing everything for this.

    Why so few videos?
    In total, now more than 9,000 hours of films / TV shows / programs. Hundreds of new videos will be posted every week. I am sure that among them there will be those that are of interest to you. We are constantly expanding the catalog.

    Do I understand correctly that the video goes through flash (not silverlight and not html5)?
    Yes, the broadcast is through Flash.

    It would be nice to have a short description of the movie, well, or links to the description let's say for a movie search, and a rating would be nice to screw IMDb
    Thank you, we will definitely do it all!

    Will there be new items there?
    It depends on what you call new. If the films that are currently going on in theaters are unlikely, you yourself understand. Believe me, the whole ivi team does not sleep at night, so that everyone is comfortable and interesting.

    Do I understand correctly that users will not receive the original sound for films for any licensing reasons?
    The original sound will be.

    Will there be support for HTML5?
    As for HTML5, it is not yet ready to respond 100%. I prefer to do first and then speak.

    Will there be HD?
    It will be necessary.

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