Explanation regarding the import into Russia of devices in bluetooth & etc

    In general, the essence is as follows, in December I paid for the purchase and delivery of a car dvd player from China.
    DHL managed to deliver it to Russia on January 11, and I came under the distribution in full. Now, in order to clear it, I must provide customs with a “notification” from the FSB. (Here is the list of available notifications, by the way )

    So here is the point, the manufacturer of the goods , and not me, as the customer, must submit the documents for notification . Naturally, the Chinese do not need this, because they import tons of their devices into the USA, and here in Russia there are continuous nano-technologies.

    So, your humble servant and law-abiding taxpayer, went wild, with the light hand of the Russian government on 20k wooden. Cheers cheers!

    I have a phone number of the FSB in Moscow, of the department that deals with notifications, but I will not risk publishing it on Habré, ask in private.

    UPD: And the goods cannot be returned to China, because it is re-export, and a license is also required for this.
    UPD2: According to the latest information, my DVD player will be confiscated in favor of the state. Well, use your health. I hope this will strengthen the country's material well-being, defense capability and GDP.

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