Freshtel provides WiMAX in Tula, as well as in cities of two regions (Tula and Moscow)

    Last Sunday (February 21, 2010), Boomburum retold Dmitry Konash (Intel Regional Director for Russia and the CIS), who said this:
    In Russia, three operators are now working with mobile WiMAX technology. These are Yota, Comstar and FreshTel , which last week launched in four cities near Moscow. We met with the management of FreshTel's Russian office at an exhibition in Barcelona, ​​and they are extremely pleased with the start of sales. We are talking about the Moscow region, where access to high-speed Internet is expensive, and, as our FreshTel colleagues told us , people in some stores lined up almost from night, queuing up for modems -it is a completely different price range compared to what fixed-line operators present in these four cities offer. So I believe that FreshTel made the right choice by going to the Moscow region, where competition is less and earnings are higher.
    The end of the quote. The source of the quote was that blog post; I even made her peeep cast just in case, to make it clearer: I didn’t correct this quote, except that I dotted the “ё” and the capital “I” in the word “Internet”. But all these changes are formal.

    [Freshtel]Meanwhile, the above statement also needs a more serious (not in form, but in fact!) Clarification - and I will clarify.

    As you can see from the coverage map on Freshtel’s website, this company provides WiMAX in four cities: Tula, Chekhov, Serpukhov and Novomoskovsk. However, of the fouronly two cities are located in the aforementioned Moscow region: Chekhov and Serpukhov. The other two are in the Tula region (this is especially evident in relation to Tula itself).
    [Soyuz Telecom]Having made this important correction, I also inform (especially for lovers of optimistic, positive news) that this April ( Soyuz Telecom ) will launch the mobile WiMAX company in several regions at the same time . The mobility of their Weimax is clear from that news, and the April simultaneity and interregionality of their launch is clear from the remarks at the forum in Kanevskaya (the largest village of the Krasnodar Territory, in which WiMAX base stations were already mounted on the tower of the local television and radio relay there).

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