#RusTechDel conference in Yandex office

    Right now in the Yandex office, the American Internet delegation is talking with Russian colleagues in the Yandex office. Theme is social media. Live broadcast was organized by Ashton Kutcher ustre.am/2eOa

    Questions can be asked through Twi, FBook, MSpace, etc. Although it does not seem like anyone has read the stream.

    What is curious, Yandex could not (did not want to?) Make a cool at least some live coverege event. Shame on you, Yandex!

    It is especially interesting how exactly eBay \ Twitter will be launched \ promoted in Russia. Make a banal transfer of services or can adapt to the local market. Google and Facebook, as correctly noted, have already sucked.

    #Update of Durov is not visible, but especially at the beginning, the words VKontakte and Odnoclassniki sounded most often.

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