How is an easy way to get an invite to Spotify while in Russia ?!

    Hello Habr! I want to share with you a way to get "free" invites to the notorious Spotify music player / web radio. And it’s absolutely not important what country you are in.

    As you know, just recently it was possible to register with Spotify using the British anonymizer. But Spotify closed the gap in its defense by blocking all anonymizers known to the general public. For example, two months ago, I successfully registered with Spotify using , just entering . But on February 1, I was unable to register my friend through any anonymizer or proxy known to Google and Twitter.

    And it happened! I found a way, while still working, to be relatively easy to get into Spotify.

    Here it is, Great place for receiving invites.

    Everything is quite simple, knowledge of the German strange language of Norwegian is not needed.

    Upd: According to users, in paragraphs 1 through 4 there may be problems with the Opera browser. Use Internet Explorer

    1. Follow the link, and in the bootable flash we see just such a button “Register deg na!” which we safely click on. 2. Confirm our determination in a new window: 3. Enter the text from the captcha and press the button under the input field to receive an invite. 4. We received an invite. 5. Now they need to use it! We go to any British anonymizer. For example, I chose the above

 and insert in our address field the invite link we received Upd: You can also use , , or any other of How to browse with UK IP (7 UK Proxies) 6. Voila !!! We are on the Spotify registration page. It is necessary to fill in a username, password, email address (for every fireman I advise you to register on gmail), confirm that we are an original British, enter our British postal code (You can move to the United Kingdom at ), indicate the gender and date of birth . We “read” the user agreement and complete the registration. !!! Congratulations, you have a free Spotify account. !!!

    Thanks a lot for invite !!!

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