Harvest is calling!

    HarvestThe Harvest startup tournament, which you (possibly) watched today in an online broadcast mode, is inviting programmers, designers and flashers. Almost all the teams said that they really need such specialists.
    Therefore, we announce the action. For those who come on the second day of Harvest as a programmer, designer or flasher and join any of the projects, the cost of participation will cost 10 rubles . All nishtyak put there, such as delivery from the metro and lunch (today there were many, many pizzas). There are 15 places under these conditions - write to renat.garipov@gmail.com.
    Under the cut, a small campaign for the Habrachians personally from me.

    On our site during the tournament there is a live broadcast. Tomorrow the action is as follows - write in Twi with the hash tag #harvest_ru your wishes - for example, show some team, ask participants or experts about something. And I'll take the camera and go do it. The terms of the promotion are as follows:
    • Trollism and vulgarity do not need to be written, I will just ignore
    • I do not promise instant reaction, but I will try to fulfill all sane requests

    In general, have fun, but be human :-).

    PS Details about Harvest you can always see on the tournament website .

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