10 years to the People

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Today marks 10 years of narod.ru - the most popular service in Russia for the free creation and placement of sites in Russia. Dmitry Felman, the service manager during the first years of its development, and Elvira Mukhametshina, who is responsible for popular sites today, talk about the past and present of the People.

D.F .: They launched the People in record time: a work plan was drawn up at the end of November 1999, and on February 4 the site was opened. They worked a lot, sometimes on weekends, while at the same time they also worked on the development of the Molotok.ru auction (both services were then done together with NetBridge).

The slogan under which the service was launched is "Create your website in 60 seconds." Each visitor could register a site in the narod.ru domain and create a set of pages on it with ready-made design options (about himself, a photo album, resume, business page, etc.) or create everything from scratch.

In September 2000, when the 100,000th site appeared, it announced the provision of unlimited space - perhaps for the first time among such services.

Over the years, more than 2 million sites have been created on the People, the most notable of them were placed in the “people's” catalog .

EM:  Today, People is not only a site creation service, but also a free file storage with hundreds of thousands of visitors per day.

The site-building tool, the Workshop, has been working smoothly for ten years, but is outdated by now. Therefore, in June 2009, a new tool was launched - Site Builder, which is now in beta testing. Over the past months, we received a lot of wishes that, along with the attendance of the service, says: many users still need a simple and quick way to create a web page for themselves or for their organization.

Finally, People are also used to create some pages on Yandex. For example, recently launched the site of the Olympics made on the technology of the People..

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