Survey: Russian-speaking community of MMORPG players

    There is an opinion that players in online multiplayer games are all schoolchildren with extremely limited vital interests, read "nerds." It seems to me that this is not entirely true. I could not find information on what constitutes a Russian-speaking community of players in the MMORPG. Therefore, I decided to independently conduct such a study. The research tool is a questionnaire of 16 questions.
    I hope that I will be able to collect enough answers to answer the question: “Who plays mmorpg in Russia?” I

    invite you to participate in the study by answering my questions:
    Anonymous survey, answers Do not take more than 5 minutes.

    I plan to publish the results of the study a week later.

    Under the cut some of my questions regarding the research methodology. I hope that the people on Habré will help me to resolve them.

    1. One of the important factors affecting the accuracy and representativeness of the study is the sample of participants. I will post an invitation to participate in the study in the leading gaming forums that I know of, namely and, and in addition to this, what has already been done on Habré. :) This placement of links to the study leads to a shift in the sample towards large MMORPG fans who are keenly interested in these games by visiting specialized forums, that is, the layer of the so-called casual players is lost.
    Perhaps you tell me how to reach them even so that the results of the study are more adequate?

    2. In addition, I have a purely technical question on the processing of results. The fact is that in the survey there are questions where several answers can be noted at once. At the same time, I see the answers in the form of a table where these answers are indicated in a separate cell, for example, “a, b, d, g”, where the letter indicates the answer option. Moreover, the combinations can be different: “c, d, f”, “a, d, e”, “f, s”, “b, d”, etc. To analyze these kinds of answers, I need to divide them into several columns in Excel and sort them in order. If how to divide, I know that I don’t know how to sort how. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

    I hope for your help!

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