Solyanka from widgets

    Today for dinner, a hodgepodge of widgets for Yandex, home-made.

    Ingredients: HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

    You will need: / dev / hands, / dev / brain, / bin / nano.

    Mix the ingredients according to the recipe, and after a couple of hours, voila!

    Chess online

    Now it's easy to find an opponent to play chess.

    Chess Challenges

    Interactive tasks of the Chessfield social chess network

    Trinity Calculator

    Translation of numbers into different number systems (binary, ternary symmetric, ninefold symmetric, decimal and hexadecimal)

    Trinity watch "Synchron"

    New generation watch from Side dish


    table of symbols

    Unicode character table with partitions. Company Recipe

    And For Dessert:

    World today

    Be aware of the mood of the planet *
    * according to

    Bon appetit!

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