FBI wants to monitor Internet users

    Yeah, Big Brother’s ambitions are striking - just the other day, the FBI Director Robert Muller made an interesting statement (carefully, English!). It turns out that he is going to ensure that providers from the United States keep a history of their users on the Web. Moreover, the data storage period (attention!) Should be two years. In addition, these data providers must provide the authorities literally upon request, without any ships there and other things.

    It is clear that this means tracking IP addresses, domains, sites that the user visits. According to Müller, this data should be accessed by federal, state, and local governments. In short, any government official, if desired, will be able to crawl into the personal Internet life of any American and dig around there.

    Mueller’s argument is as follows: before the Internet, the FBI had access to any information about telephone calls in the United States. And now, most of the personal communication between people has moved to the Internet, and it is not possible to monitor all this, since there is no corresponding law.

    Do you know why the FBI needed all this? Right! To combat child pornography. It is not Al Qaeda, it’s child pornography. Well, of course, national security issues also appear.

    Fortunately, it is too early to talk about global surveillance - no one has passed the relevant laws. But if they accept ... Probably the Americans (and you and I) should start reading and re-reading Orwell, his 1984.

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