How to spend weekends and holidays

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In connection with February 23, the country rests for 4 days. We suggest you prepare for them in advance and install several interesting widgets on your Yandex homepage: with games, news, discount information, and so on. The rubricator and search in the widget catalog will help you make your choice.

Of all the sections of the catalog, we like games the most. For example, “ Diving ” is a simple but beautiful game with pleasant music. The task is to raise treasures from the bottom of the sea. From level to level immersion is becoming more difficult. Jellyfish at the third level are the worst - they are sometimes almost invisible.
Logic toy " Monkey and cookies"Is drawn easier, but captivates the facial expressions of an opponent. The task is to eat the last cookie on the table. Sometimes you want to lose to see how happy she is. We recommend that you look at all the widgets found in the catalog by the tag " Games ".

Along with the games, you should look at the " Entertainment " section . There are 12 pages of a wide variety of widgets, starting with jokes and ending with online radio. When bored of playing and reading stories, look at the widget with selected articles of Wikipedia . It is not only interesting, but also useful. Jumping from article to article can take even more time than toys.

Of course, the assortment does not end with toys and jokes. Search the catalogwidgets according to your interests and put the ones you like most on the Yandex main page. To warm up we will show you search results on popular topics: cars , sports (particularly football ), discounts , tourism , jobs and news .

And at the end of the post there are two completely meditative widgets: “ Cat on the hunt ” (mi-mi-mi!) And “ Balls ”. The latter suspended the operation of several Yandexoids (“Look, what a toy!”) For at least half an hour. No wonder he breaks records in the number of installations.

If you have interesting widgets in mind, share them in the comments.

ARVi (regional widgets department).

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