Rating of Russian-speaking Twitter users

    Svezhachok! Hot still :)

    After a series of my crazy start-ups that excited the world community, I began to think about creating an even more useful service. It’s quite logical that my choice fell on twitter - the trend, e-mine :) I

    present my Russian-language rating of Russian-speaking Twitter users sorted by interests: i Follow

    Each twitter user can safely click on the " Login " button to add / log in. After confirming access to his account, the user fills in the fields of his city and interests (up to 5 pieces, if there are fewer interests, then several fields can be left empty).

    The rest of the work is done by the service on its own:
    • sorts users in the general rating and in individual ratings by interests (tags) by the number of followers
    • sorts interests by popularity (not so much the number of users in each tag is taken into account as the amount of followers they have - so, perhaps, more interesting).
    • regularly update the number of users followers

    I would be very glad to hear (read) your feedback and recommendations from experts in the field of the web.

    Thanks to all!

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