Small vkontakte demo client in QML

    Recently, I already talked about a new markup language, but now I would like to show a small example of what can be done with these tools. As a demonstration, I decided to write a tiny client for the vkontakte network, popular in RuNet.
    This client interacts with a contact through userapi, can display a list of users, receive and send messages, display users who have unread messages, and also search for the right people among friends by name and surname: in general, the minimum, although he does it very nicely .
    The client is noteworthy in that there is not a single line in C ++, everything is done by qml and javascript.

    Other screenshots.

    I would like to immediately warn that this is just a demo version. The client is still very raw, plus its contribution is made by shortcomings in the QML itself, in the javascript engine and in the VKontakte API, which sometimes brings very strange surprises. In a word, all this beauty is still very unstable.

    You can download a ready-to-use binary for Windows here and run the executable file located there.
    Users of other platforms can independently download the compiled QtCreator, which includes a qml viewer, as well as a visual editor and debugger.
    Other files can be viewed here.
    Got a git repository for the project, now all changes can be monitored online. For those who do not have git link to download the current version

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