New Firefox 3.6 - with Yandex and your design

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Today, a new version of Firefox 3.6 is released with the ability to conveniently select and change the design. Now your browser design will always be what you want. Today, thousands of themes are available to you, and new ones appear every day.

Firefox 3.6 Personas

Install the new Firefox 3.6 with Yandex search , go to the Personas gallery and select a theme that interests you.
Hovering your mouse over the desired topic, you will see how it looks on your Firefox. Do you like the design? Click on the “Wear It” button and you're done, your favorite Firefox will be transformed in less than a second.

Also, in the new Firefox Yandex.Bar will be available to you: quick search, information about new letters, traffic jams and weather, translation of words from five foreign languages ​​with one mouse click and much more.

Install your personal Firefox 3.6 with Yandex and change the themes of your new Firefox to suit the mood, the impression of the movie or on the eve of the holidays..

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