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Original author: MG Siegler
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Who now just does not shorten the URL. Google , YouTube , Facebook , and don’t forget about All that was missing was Microsoft.

On the UK My Microsoft Life blog, it’s been noticed that some Bing search engine employees have started tweeting using . Microsoft has confirmed that so far this is only for internal use and is likely to be available for public access in the near future.
But the oddities of are that the abbreviated domain name actually contains one character more than the actual Bing domain itself, including ".COM". Why not use then? I don’t know how much Microsoft paid for the Bing domain, but I’m sure it was not cheap. And wasn’t the choice of domain partly determined by the desire to have a domain shorter than google? Why they did not select any is not clear.

It remains only to take stock:
Google - - 5 characters
Facebook - - 4 characters.
Bing - - ​​8 characters
(Although as already mentioned - - 7 characters).

Apparently MS is not ready to compete in the length of links yet

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