Email notification settings

    After posting my first harastatya, which gained quite a lot of comments, I ran into one small problem - I couldn’t conveniently configure email notifications for myself. The fact is that in the site settings notifications of new comments on my articles and notifications of responses to my comments are combined into one checkbox. The consequence of this is an unpleasant moment: I can’t continue to receive notifications of replies to my comments in other people's posts, unsubscribing from dozens of letters that I expect after writing an article. I, as an author, will look through my post several times to answer people and see the dynamics of changes in ratings for it, but I don’t need to return to other people's articles I have commented on without reason.

    A solution for this situation would look something like this:

    break the item "Receive email notifications of new comments on your topics and replies to your comments" in the site settings into two

    It seems to me that technically this is not very difficult to implement. Thanks for attention.

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