Startup idea: Synchronization of phone music with music on the Vkontakte service


    After the new firmware was released on my phone, the Nokia 5800 decided to clean the memory card, and re-fill all the music with ordered ID tags and the like. I listen to music (at home, at work) exclusively through the Internet using the VKontakte service. In this regard, I thought that it’s worth just downloading music from Vkontakte and uploading it to the phone, I found a special program for this, which can merge music in batches and started transferring everything to the phone.

    At that moment, the idea of ​​a startup came ...


    And what if there was such software that without unnecessary interference helps a person synchronize the music on the phone with the music of VKontakte? Namely, a person simply installs this same software on the phone, and each time the phone is connected to the computer (for example, via Nokia PCSuite), the software would check for new (or deleted) VKontakte entries. As for me it would be very convenient.

    “VKontakte”, as far as I know (I read it recently on a hub), will soon open an API not only for Flash applications.

    Why am I writing about this?

    Everything is very simple, I am a web developer (PHP, JS, AS 3.0, etc.). I do not have knowledge about development for iPhone SDK, Android SDK, Symbian, etc. And this means that I can not implement this kind of software. If there are craftsmen who want to bring the idea to life, I am in every way ready to take part in this.

    Post script

    I have a few more thoughts on this subject, if anyone was interested in this idea, then all my contacts are in my profile. I think that this software would use, if not wildly popular, then quite large. What do you think?

    UPD: 2 people unsubscribed in PM with the desire to help develop such software.

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