Portable boom

    Usually the fact that the company often produces a lot of all sorts of interesting devices suggests that things are going well in it.


    And judging by the fact that ASUS has time to develop new areas that are unusual for the company, things are really in order) Today I’ll tell you just about one such device.

    Today, a review of just one small piece of iron, which among the motherboards, video cards and laptops looks somewhat unusual. And at least that's why it is interesting;) Meet the speaker (2.1) system for a laptop, ASUS uBoomQ .


    The number of components in the box does not spoil - there are neatly packed speakers, instructions and a USB cable. Postings - meter USB (B) -USB (A), instructions - on 45 pages and as many as 22 languages ​​(!), Including Russian.


    And the columns .... rather, it’s right to say “column”) because it is only one.



    It’s somewhat unusual to see such a device. In any hardware store, there are portable speakers and other docking stations for iPods, but to get out of the ASUS pen :) Therefore, it even became interesting what the result would be.

    It will be easiest to describe the dimensions of the device with the word “loaf” - there were no other analogies at the time of writing) A loaf of dark matte plastic, assembled quite carefully. Above and on the sides are oval perforated grilles, behind which are hidden speakers and a “subwoofer”.


    On the back there is a USB-B connector (as on printers) for connecting to a laptop and a line-in.


    Despite the fact that the wire from the kit allows you to move the sound source away from the laptop, I preferred to put them right behind the lid - even because of the netbook they hardly stick out.


    Inclusion and work

    I have a very simple adapter,
    So that in one socket there are two headphones instead of one.
    Very handy for a laptop, if there is not enough sound.
    Imagine: me and my girlfriend;
    On a summer night at sea - comets fly across the sky;
    We have a bottle of delicate something.
    The noise is noisy, the laptop on my lap - The
    volume is full, but you can barely hear it.
    So I will include two headphones in the adapter,
    And we will watch the film amicably through them.
    And without this trifle of a laptop - as it never happened,
    And without a laptop - the last century, there is little romance ...
    (c) Caste

    There is no problem with the connection - we take the USB wiring from the kit, connect it to the laptop ... and ... done! The fact that everything went as it should, is signaled by a blue LED on the speaker casing.

    We turn on the player on the laptop, turn on some track - the sound will go through the speakers already;)


    Regarding the sound quality. It just so happened that I already have something to compare with more or less) Therefore, honestly and frankly - everything was expected and I was not surprised by anything. But compared to conventional netbook-notebook speakers (regardless of manufacturer), the sound from this “loaf” is much more interesting and louder. You know how it happens - “ Let's put one track on it ” or “ Guys, have you already seen this video?” Not?!"- you start up and see how people in the office begin to frown :) Indeed, in a noisy office or somewhere on the road, such a sound will not impress anyone. And here - it will be possible to listen without any discontent, no worse than from office speakers.

    Naturally, the sound of the speakers through this video can not be understood), but on the whole somehow:

    And yet, you can not compare with office 2.1 - after all, here without additional power supply + much more modest sizes and weight. The positioning of the device is clearly traced, from where you can easily imagine the scope.

    Pros and cons will NOT be

    I liked :
    - Careful attitude to the packaging of the device;
    - Matte plastic case, very futuristic appearance;
    - Work only from the USB port - additional power is not required;
    - Good sound quality and volume for systems of this class;

    I did not like it :
    - A meter wire allows you to move the speakers away from the laptop, but if they are close, it only gets in the way;
    - A carrying case in the kit would not be amiss.


    This is my first acquaintance with devices of this type, so I can’t speak about the adequacy of the upcoming price (~ 45 coins with the inscription “1 Euro”). But if you rummage around on Yandex.marketin portable 2.1-columns (at the time of writing, 14 sentences were found), removing those that are not on sale, the price is very tasty. Yes, in other models there is iPod support, remote controls and more power ... but there is power from the network - then it is much more profitable to take the usual 2.1-speakers.
    Here, for the most part, sharpening is only for a laptop.

    The opinion of a man from a nearby office

    - I often take a laptop with me, while occasionally listening to music from him. I would not carry this device with me - sometimes there is no place in my backpack even for more necessary items. Yes, and headphones in my case would be preferable. But for those who have a laptop at home for a working machine, you can safely recommend this device - for its unobtrusive size, it sounds great. Well, or you can take it to nature - it’s not a pity, but it’s like with music;)

    An alternative review from the Internet.


       The sound quality from such a device was very predictable for me, so there was no surprise squealing :) Nevertheless, the sound quality is at a good level - better than what laptops offer, no matter which label is attached to them. You can’t even talk about tweeters in phones)
       On the other hand, it’s quite difficult to come up with something really new in this matter, at least “eating” only from a USB port. Dimensions, weight - this parameter for similar systems, as a rule, in the same range. Sound quality? In my opinion, ASUS is fine with these parameters. Volume? Perhaps this is even the achievable maximum, which in principle is possible through the USB port without supplying additional power.
       This device loses in quality (more precisely, volume) of sound to many class 2.1 speakers, which are advisable to buy for a desktop computer. But if you press it, do not you take them with you? ) So if you ever regretted that “there isn’t enough sound” or something similar is coming up in the near future - why not;)

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    Good luck!

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