Lars Buck at the Google Engineering Center in St. Petersburg

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Vladislav Kaznacheev, Head of the Google Engineering Center in St. Petersburg

We are pleased to invite you to the Google Engineering Center in St. Petersburg, where on January 19, 2010 at 19:00 Lars Buck, lead developer of V8 (JavaScript engine for Chrome) will speak.

Lars will tell the meeting about increasing JavaScript performance in Google Chrome.

Performance and scalability are the main problems that have to be solved when implementing JavaScript for the browser. When developing the new V8 JavaScript engine, launched in 2008 with Google Chrome, these issues were given special attention. Despite the dynamic nature of JavaScript, developers managed to apply methods specific to the implementation of classical object-oriented languages, such as code generation on the fly, inline caching, precise generational garbage collection, snapshotting.

Lars will talk about specific decisions made during the development of V8, as well as more general problems. In addition, he will give an overview of the possibilities for increasing scalability and performance in the future virtual machines.

St. Petersburg
Mayakovsky St. 3B,
Alia Tempora Business Center, 8th floor

Please note that the conversation will be held in English.

You can register here . Admission to the meeting is free.

See you at the Google Engineering Center in St. Petersburg!

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