Report on the prospects of the Russian Federation: “Innovation is Russia's last hope”

    Strong article on the report of Georgy Malinetskiy, Deputy Director of the MV Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences. With surprise I did not find her mention on Habré. Recommend.


    “The country is entering a critical decade,” said Georgy Malinetskiy, deputy director of the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences. An alternative to accelerated innovative development of a country can only be its collapse. If we do not reverse the current trends, on the ruts of which the Russian Federation is sliding, nothing will save us. The Russian Federation cannot even be a raw materials appendage of the developed world. ”

    “The USSR was able to make the most of the advantages of the fourth way,” continues the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences G. Malinetskiy. - Stalin rightly said that the “motor war” was ahead. But leadership in this or that way requires over-efforts from the country. South Korea became one of the leaders of the V structure, but it had to spend up to 43% of its GDP on investments and innovations, moderate consumption. Literally, work by tightening your belt. Post-Soviet Russia completely "overslept" the Fifth Way, taking up self-defeat, self-eating and overconsumption. However, Canada, too, could not take advantage of the benefits of this structure. ”

    Link to the full version (a lot of text and graphics)

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