Google Earth update for Russia

    December 15 on Google Earth once again updated the coverage of images of our planet.
    Not only did the long-awaited spot arrival finally take place (2.5 m / pixel snapshots covering large areas), but GeoEye (0.5 m / pixel) snapshots added a lot!

    Here are the places (maybe not all - there are a lot of them, well)) adding new mosaics (the spotting is indicated in green):

    And here is the same on the map:

    upd Spot coverage border more:

    Cities for which pictures were added / updated:
    • St. Petersburg
    • Meadows
    • Stary Oskol
    • Kazan
    • Naberezhnye Chelny
    • Kostroma
    • Ivanovo
    • Kolomna
    • Voronezh
    • Rostov-on-Don
    • Taganrog
    • Maykop
    • Kislovodsk
    • Sochi
    • Severodvinsk

    And this is probably not a complete list.

    PS It’s a pity that only the European part was updated.

    UPD So that there are no such questions, I give a link to the source , where I wrote a similar article.

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