New web project - search for routes in St. Petersburg

    Internet project of my friend, a good programmer. Unfortunately, I have no opportunity to send him an invite to the Habr, and therefore, at his request, I publish information about his project.

    He was given an invite - mev (or - a project that allows you to find the best routes between two points on the map in the city of St. Petersburg.



    1. Search for routes, with a selection of all passing vehicles. The search radius of the first route from the starting point depends on the distance between the two points. This is very convenient if, for example, a route runs a kilometer from you that will take you to the end.
    2. Select a specific route and display it on the map.
    3. Viewing all the routes in a given area (within a radius of 1000 meters)
    A handy thing if you want to know where you can generally get from a given point or find out which routes go near the metro or cafe.
    4. It is possible to create your own links on a site of the type:, for example,
    “Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control of St. Petersburg State University:
    By clicking on the link, the “before” field will be filled in and you just need to click on the map and immediately and look for routes!
    5. The flexibility of the site allows you to remove routes from the map, change the color and width of the trajectory. When searching, the distance, cost and total travel time are displayed.


    Unfortunately, traffic jams are not taken into account in the search, but ... maybe it’s your route that passes nearby and you leave your car in the garage and then 1 car will be less =)

    Ah yes, I recorded the video:

    PS: The site wrote for about a year, of course with interruptions. Fully in Java + GWT. There is room to move on. Perhaps your comments, ideas, tips, criticism will benefit!
    Please, if you notice inaccuracies, write ...

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