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    Article posted at the request of LMik . If you have any questions, he will be happy to answer them.

    In light of recent events, namely the launch of Google DNS, I recalled an abandoned “until better times” project, conceived about a year ago. He was inspired by the idea of ​​a foreign service OpenDNS.

    I present to your attention "Redjector" - .

    This is a smart DNS service with a number of advanced, customizable features. Its purpose is to help you effortlessly configure filtering and protection of your traffic, speed up the response time of sites and facilitate Internet access for inexperienced users.
    Of course, we are not Google, and we can’t, but are able to provide our users with certain services, the ability to get IP, remembered at first glance:

    - filters by category;
    - personal access lists (black and white);
    - bookmarks or short names;
    - Correction of incorrect input addresses;
    - filtering phishing domains;
    - statistics of all requests made;
    - as well as DNS-based services that you can come up with and let us know.

    Filters by category.

    Each existing domain in our database can belong to one or several categories (social networks, cars, file exchangers, etc.). Our database is still quite small and has about 500,000 domains. We hope for the active assistance of our users in its replenishment.

    There are 44 categories of domains available and so far only 5 predefined access groups - safe, office, children’s, without blocking and individual. In an individual group, you can select categories manually.

    Personal access lists.

    Everything is clear here: you can deny or allow access to a specific domain. The quantity is not limited. Mask filtering is not yet available, added to TODO.

    Bookmarks or short names.

    This service makes it possible to convert the short name of the site to any URL. For example: access to the address by the short name startup .

    It works at the level of HTTP redirects, i.e. it is not yet possible to match your short name with an IP address. Add to TODO.

    Correction of incorrect input addresses.

    By entering “rfikyukg” into the address bar and going to this address, you will automatically be taken to a page where you will be informed of an error and will be offered the correct option. Provided that this domain does not exist in Cyrillic representation, of course. Also, requests are checked in a punycode encoding.

    The wrong request is flipped in the layout, and also sent to Google search. Correction works without registration.

    Filtering phishing domains.

    The database of fraudulent sites is updated once an hour using the PhishTank service. If you select the "Phishing" category, all requests to fraudulent sites will be denied.

    Statistics of all requests made.

    All sent requests are saved for your analysis in sections: Correct, Erroneous, and Blocked. You can select any time period multiple of a day for the report.

    Other questions

    About retracker.local

    The excitement is clear. I think this can be dealt with and given the correct address depending on the network of the request source, or an advanced user can manually enter the address in access lists. “Local Network Retracker Recognition” is already in TODO. I hope network administrators, which we don’t add ourselves, will contact us to add their ranges.

    Dynamic client IP addresses

    If you have a dynamic IP address, then using our service will be somewhat problematic. The fact is that in Russia static addresses “by default” are provided by a very rare provider. There is an idea of ​​a client tray application that updates information about the current client IP when changing the address. At the moment, when changing the IP address, you will have to update it in the service settings.

    Dedicated to OpenDNS Users

    - Our servers are located in Russia.
    - Our databases are focused on Russian-language resources.
    - Query cache for the most part is filled with Russian-language resources.
    - Any services available in OpenDNS are ready to be implemented at home.

    About development

    If the service is of mass interest to users, we promise in the foreseeable future to expand the number of servers distributed geographically, as well as the range of services provided.

    In TODO:

    - masked axeslists;
    - bookmarks without redirects (matching bookmarks to IP and not to URL);
    - recognition of a retracker for local networks;
    - dynamic IP;
    - your suggestions.

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