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Today , Microsoft has joined the ranks of partners in the Yandex Advertising Network with its main global search engine, .

Now, among Yandex.Direct advertising platforms, there are not only popular and leading Runet sites, not only the largest resources from the CIS countries, but also one of the leading international search engines. In the US, Bing is ranked 3rd among search engines with a search share of 10.7% and is the fastest growing search engine according to research company Nielsen ( etc / medialib / nielsen_dotc om / en_us / documents / pdf / pr ess_releases / 2009 / septemb er.Par.97659.File.pdf ). 

While Bing’s share in Russia is not so high, we are very pleased that one of the largest companies in the world expressed a desire to monetize on RuNet using Yandex context technologies.

Testing of Yandex.Direct ads , which took place from September to December, showed high advertising efficiency on Bing. So we have every right to congratulate Yandex advertisers on the advent of yet another high-quality search platform!

Yandex Advertising Network Team.


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