57% of Android app developers unsatisfied with their income

    Developers of mobile applications for the Google Android platform are not satisfied with the work of the online application store Android Market , according to a study by analysts at Skyhook Wireless , who in October surveyed 30 developers of applications for Android.
    • 57% are not satisfied with the income received.
    • 90% reported that the number of downloads of their applications does not exceed 10,000.
    • 43% believe that Google Checkout slows down application sales and requires a simplified payment system.
    • 82% are not satisfied with the design of the Android Market , as it complicates the search for old ones and the visibility of new applications.
    • 46% are sure that the variety of Android versions on manufactured devices will significantly complicate the development, due to compatibility issues.
    Well, the saddest thing for the Android Market : 68% of developers doubt the appropriateness of developing and supporting their Android applications.
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    UPD study Excellent web client for Android Market: www.androlib.com , thanks zloyreznic

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