Yandexoid report on VMik about the blog search device December 3

    On Thursday, December 3, at the seminar of the Moscow State University of Commerce and Industry “Information Search and Social Interaction on the Internet”, a report by the head of PPB Yandex Yandex Anton Volnukhin, “How Yandex Blog Search Works,” will be held, in which the features of the search for social services will be discussed. At the end, you can ask the speaker questions that interest you, including about closing the ranking of popular entries.

    The seminar will be held at 16.30 in the audience P-5 2 of the academic building (Faculty of Military and Technical Mining). If you do not have a pass from Moscow State University, you must send your data (last name, first name, middle name, organization, position) to the email address by 11 December 3. You will be ordered a one-time pass, which can be written out at the pass office (located at the entrance far from the metro). Please come in advance, as this procedure may take some time.

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