VKontakte and phishing protection

    I think that each of you has come across phishing or its results more than once. Ok, maybe not everyone :)

    If you use VKontakte, you must have received spam from your friends more than once: a request to put money, vote an SMS, a proposal to install the application or follow the link, left photos in the friends profile.

    It is clear that in such situations, phishing can be combated in three stages: in the head, on the sites and ... in the browsers.

    Next, a small check on how various browsers fight phishing using highlighted phishing links from friends.

    By the way, all sites are freely available on the network for more than a month.

    upd . What if you see a phishing site?

    IE8 - Security -> SmartScreen Filter -> Report insecure
    Firefox website - Help -> Report a fraudulent
    Chrome website - Page management menu -> Report a problem on a site -> Problem type: Page created with the purpose of phishing
    Opera - Tools -> Advanced -> Security Details -> Tab: Fraud Protection

    Thanks Doomsday_nxt .

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