Nokia n86 8mp - Never Connected or Stay Offline

    About six months ago, I became the owner of Nokia n86 - I could dream about the device, I knew everything about it before the purchase, turned it in my hands in the Nokia Store ... I liked the device. I loved him. Therefore, I decided to buy it no less - for 20 thousand rubles.

    What did I expect from a phone for 20 thousand rubles from Nokia?
    1. You just
    2. Be always connected
    3. Service
    4. The perfect functioning of all the wealth that is crammed into this expensive toy

    What did I get? I got a camera. It was worth thinking about, seeing for the first time the name of the device. But I did not think. And now I disentangle.


    Setting up email took me about ... half a year. I would hopefully not a dumb person. At different times, the user is palm, vin-mobile, ai-background. I could not configure the mail myself. I could not follow the instructions. I could not after a long correspondence with support. It was possible to configure mail only after a call to support. The essence of the problem is that the mail client asked to enter the mail address and password, after that he made an attempt to connect somewhere, said that the server was unavailable and ... that’s all. There are no settings anywhere. They write to me from the service - enter the addresses of the servers manually. I told them - but nowhere to enter them! They are for me - select a box, press Options ... I tell them - yes there is no box, it is not created. They are for me - make a backup and format the phone ... And so for several weeks. A new firmware has been released. The problem has not disappeared. Ugh.

    Internet connection

    Constant requests to connect to the network. Continuous. Turn on the phone - the request hangs. Crawled through all the settings in the access points indicated an automatic connection. All the same, the request constantly flies. And this, for a second, is the complete contradiction of Always Connected, and is completely identical to manually checking the same mail. I’m ready to spend a little money on GPRS, but let the phone itself check my mail? I no longer even demand push, although, looking ahead, I will say that he "is". Quite so, in quotation marks.

    Nokia Websites

    Oh, the websites of Nokia. It is almost like Microsoft sites. There are a million of them. Users are shamelessly thrown between sites in Russia, Europe, UK and then support, ovi, discussions, forums, etc. etc. Logins do not fit from one to another. Passwords are reset. Names are remembered. Password recovery is not possible. This is the theater of the absurd - Neverhood from Nokia, I thought it was impossible on the Internet in 2009. But Nokia succeeds. I thought that the Asus site is the worst (only 4 windows open until you get to the club section), but Nokia is like flying into another galaxy compared to a trip to another city with Asus. Asus, sorry! You are great!


    Polite guys trying to help. But they can’t. The only thing they can offer is to backup and format the phone. I already do this in a dream. I wake up in the morning, and the phone is formatted, because, damn it, motor skills. All about support I will not write anything.

    Unexpected "solution" to the mail problem

    I’m setting up here somehow after the next formatting of the phone. I climb, already anticipating some nastiness, drive the email address and password into the messages. And suddenly something unprecedented happens before me - the phone itself sets up something, creates a box and let's welcome me to the Nokia Messaging service. Op-pa think what kind of beast? I climbed onto the site - it turns out to be an almost lively push, with support for up to 10 mailboxes, in general, solid charms. In three minutes I create both my drawers, I sit, I move away from the shock. So, I think how it was all conceived. Well, I’ve been so tormented for half a year. I threw a test letter, it immediately dropped into the phone. All, I think, our characters got used to with the phone, now as we begin to live soul to soul! Yeah, I ran away.

    Unexpected “solution” to connection problems

    And connection requests have stopped. Ugh, I think, probably the evil eye was. And then I somehow removed it, I probably read the correct prayer when formatting.

    And I did not say that the phone hangs?

    Not that often. But this is a very nasty problem on n86 8mp. Because the only way to restart it is to remove the battery. And to do this, you need to pry the lid with your fingernail. I am not a girl, but what is broken nails I felt very well. At the same time, when you pry the cover, there’s nothing to hold the phone for - except for the slider. This is very inconvenient and bad. And try to do it on the go, and even better when you are driving.

    Why, in the previous paragraphs, the word "decision" was in quotation marks?

    Yes, because the test letter was the only one that the Nokia Messaging service missed. Now there are mailboxes, the service is active, but mailboxes do not receive mail. You go into the message, say - plug in the box. No answer. I think - maybe the GPRS is not working? No, the internet is flying. All settings crawled through - maybe the access point is not the same or something. No, that's it. Okay, I think. In vain did I gain experience on Vin Mobile. Delete the box and recreate. Well, who will say that this method will not work, who? Does it always work? Fig! You! You can’t delete the box while there is no Internet connection !!! But it is! But he is not.

    And now what i can do?

    Call Support? Are you kidding me?

    In general, SW. Nokia. Your favorite question is whether you recommend Nokia to your friends. How, as you tell me, can I recommend Nokia to my friends, if for six months I myself can’t get from the device all that was listed on the price tag in the Nokia Store? Only tell me honestly.

    PS In pursuit, a screenshot of the Nokia support site

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