ScrumTrek and AgileRussia: Agile Requirements Management Workshop | December 2nd

    ScrumTrek and the AgileRussia community , with the support of CustIS, conduct monthly, free seminar meetings on various aspects of agile software development and web services.

    Project / product management at Agile is primarily associated with effective requirements management. Good requirements = customer value. For any product manager, there are two main barriers to product implementation:
    • What to do first? How to manage priorities?
    • How to integrate requirements collection into an iterative development process.

    At the next AgileRussia meeting, which will be held on December 2, we will discuss:
    • What distinguishes Agile requirements collection from classic approaches
    • What are the requirements practices
    • Let's discuss what Product Owner should be responsible for.
    • We will cover the topic of usability as an integral part of the requirements development process.
    • Let's talk about what incremental design is when developing a desktop and web application interface

    Place and time: the center of Moscow, the office of the company Custom InformSystems.

    Participation conditions: Free . Registration is required. Just fill out the registration form or write a letter to .

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