New software versions from Microsoft

    Last week, Microsoft introduced a beta version of Excel, specifically designed to run on supercomputers or powerful server clusters. According to representatives of the software giant, with their new software, table processing, which previously took weeks, can be carried out in a few hours.

    Microsoft made the announcement at the conference on supercomputer (SC09), held in Portland. It would be surprising if only Excel had limited it all: Microsoft also introduced a new version of Windows Server, specially designed to work on high-performance computing clusters.

    Microsoft’s announcements can rightly be called landmark: after the corporation managed to get into the highest echelons of supercomputer computing and take the TOP25 position for the first time in history, the Redmond team may well put a tick in front of the “Linux competition” column in the market of systems built by connecting a large number of ordinary servers.

    via cnet

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