The chief “apples” in Russia will answer our questions

    Rejoice, Apple fans and gloat over her haters. For once, we all have the opportunity to talk with someone who is to a large extent responsible for distributing the products of the apple company in our market: none other than Evgeny Butman, General Director of ECS Group, dealing with distribution and retail of Apple products (through the re: Store chain of stores).

    Not so long ago an article appeared on Habré mentioning Mr. Butman, and now we can ask him our questions about how, why and why Apple exists in Russia. The format is the same: you post questions in the comments, and after a while (I hope, by the end of the week) we publish honest answers by Evgeny in a separate post.

    Well, anticipating the topic of the first comments, I hasten to inform that the Most Important Question About Prices will be asked first.

    PS: Read carefully: ask questions about the functionality of Apple products and its specifics is not worth it, wait for Steve.

    Thank you all, questions are over. Eugene has already begun to write answers, by the end of the week (or early next) they will be published.

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