Student of St. Petersburg State University convicted of hacking faculty site - 2

    It often happens that on television they show some outrageous plot, and correspondents promise to "follow the course of events." Here, it happens, a person will sue some terrifying act of the authorities, but the masses will not recognize the verdict. However, not in our case.

    2 months ago here, on Habré, I wrote an article about how a student hacked the website of the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University , for which I received 2 years probation. Readers were actively outraged by this fact, unanimously condemning the actions of the Faculty Administration, saying that this is a disgrace to an educational institution, which thus solves issues with their own students. So, the story has a sequel. And let me give you a short quote for those who care about this story.

    Today (November 05), the City Court held a panel of judges on the cassation appeal of the official website of the Faculty of Economics.

    The court found the claims formulated in the complaint against the decision of the trial court to be unfounded.
    Cassation appeal dismissed.
    The court decision is upheld.
    A source.

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