Idea for Yandex: a custom block with news on a topic that interests me

    I have long had such a desire - that there would be such a news site that would have the function of displaying in a single feed all the news on a selected topic.

    Today I realized that an ideal aggregator for such a function would be a news aggregator - that is, Yandex.

    For example, now I'm interested in Major Dymovsky. Yesterday I visited Yandex, the main one was news about it. Today - no, although some events happened to him. I am disappointed. And if I had the opportunity to display all the news about Dymovsky in a separate block, the Yandex information value for me would have crossed all permissible boundaries, I would have burst onto Yandex and updated it every five minutes.

    For example, like this:

    Something like that.

    Or I don’t know something, and is there such a function somewhere else?)

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