mail: powered by Yandex

    From a verified source, it became known that the Sochi city portal, the former, came up with how to save mail addresses like sochi .com.

    Let me remind you: after the domain became the property of the Olympic Committee, a threat loomed over the mail from The Google Apps For your Domain service (about 2,000 accounts), previously provided by agreement with Google Russia, has ceased to be free for domain owners. From now on, the minimum amount that will have to be paid for one email account is 50 US dollars.

    Since the project does not want to bear such costs, I had to look for a new solution. As they say, “there is everything”, and was found by Yandex. Yandex offered the Yandex.Mail service for a domain - this is 100 email accounts for free. The difference between the numbers 2000 and 100, of course, is palpable. Yet it is better than nothing. At least the “golden hundred” of postal owners will not go around the world in search of new addresses.

    UPD: Just yesterday, the owner of Maxim Seledkin said that he was able to negotiate with Yandex and get 2,000 email accounts. While the mail is very slow, but Yandex experts promise to fix everything by the end of this week. Apparently, this is one of the first major projects in the framework of the Yandex.Mail service for the domain.

    The Windows Live Custom Domains alternative was rejected due to lack of time.

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