Pricing on Windows 7 for Russia

    I do not know how relevant the issue of prices for Windows 7 in Russia is, but the information for those who decide to buy is interesting.

    One of the bloggers I read yesterday wrote: “ MS seems to be greedy. Upgrade with Windows Vista is provided only for OEM Windows Vista purchased this year with a computer and with a special coupon. I don’t have any discounts with boxed Vista happy. "

    Then he gives possible options for discounts on updating the American site in comparison with what we have:
    • Windows 7 Home Premium: OEM - $ 110, Box - $ 200, Box Upgrade $ 120
    • Windows 7 Ultimate: OEM - $ 190, Box - $ 320, Box Upgrade $ 220
    • Upgrade versions of Windows 7 appear to be unavailable in Russia
    • Special Family Pack for 3 computers is not available in Russia
    • On the MS English site, you can purchase and download online (you can order disk delivery) any boxed edition of Windows 7
    • On the Russian MS website there is information on a free upgrade from Vista OEM, which was purchased with equipment this year with special features. coupon

    For reference, the boxed version, unlike OEM, has a license that allows you to transfer the system to other equipment (for example, changing the motherboard).

    English page for buying Windows 7 - all boxed editions and prices
    Russian page for buying Windows 7 - only boxed editions and there is no online purchase
    Russian page with information on a free upgrade from Vista OEM

    From here .

    It is clear that each company has the right to announce any prices for its products (competition to help them :) But it would be interesting to learn first-hand information from Microsoft representatives on Habré. Maybe a person misunderstood something. In addition to the upgrade, Family Pack is interesting.

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