ColdFusion in Russia?



    Recently, I have been actively studying Adobe ColdFusion . For those who hear this name for the first time: ColdFusion is an interpreted scripting programming language designed to generate HTML on a web server and work with databases ( wiki ). I myself drew attention to ColdFusion sometime in the year 2002, when the functionality for working with it appeared in Dreamweaver. But then CF was of no great use to me - the main criteria in choosing development tools were prevalence and free of charge, which is generally logical for web applications, so I successfully forgot about CF. And the “features and benefits” of using CF at the same time were not inspired.

    Since then, much has changed. Firstly, of course, ColdFusion itself has become much more serious and convenient, a development environment has appeared. Secondly, Adobe gave us Flex, the fourth version of which simply elegantly interacts with ColdFusion. And thirdly, my personal attitude to the development process has changed: I started to appreciate my time much more - I damn sorry for the time spent on solving primitive tasks such as data verification or CRUD, which, with the introduction of ORM solutions at the language level, make this process almost automatic.

    So far, I have a very positive impression of the speed of implementation of the planned things on ColdFusion. You could even say this: I admire ColdFusion.

    I’m sure that in my next Intraweb project I will use ColdFusion 9, because you can understand and get inspired by the platform’s ideology only after going through all the stages of the life cycle of the product built on it - design, implementation, implementation and support. Not the easiest way, of course, to gain knowledge and experience - it is usually much easier to get a team somewhere with an experienced guru with a powerful project somewhere in the office. But not in the case of CF - this is exactly what prompted me to write a post.

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    You searched for vacancies with the keywords "coldfusion". They didn’t find anything :(


    Apparently in Russia ColdFusion does not need anyone except single developers who are interested in Adobe technologies. The main reasons for this are the money that needs to be paid (by the way, very funny - only $ 1300) and the lack of developers (I still could not find the Russian community) who could promote this platform in Russia.

    The search for mentions of ColdFusion on the most IT runet resource of the hub looks appalling: the last top with the ColdFusion tag was written on April 20, 2009 and it was a poll of users of the resource about ColdFusion: almost 53% do not know what it is, and 43% think CF is dead. Another is called Ten Endangered IT Professions. No one even posted the news about the release of the 9th version of CF, which, in comparison with the previous one, is perceived as Core2Duo next to the Pentium MMX.

    What to do?

    I offer two options:
    Option number 1 (default). To hammer in and forget about this post. And do not bother with unnecessary nonsense.
    Option number 2. Familiarize yourself at least for general development. The easiest and most enjoyable way is to watch a video course on the basics of CF9 (either or I am sure those who work in the field of web development, and especially RIA, will like it.

    UPD: forgot to give the most important links.

    Developer Website
    Product Section
    File Links:

    He brought an extreme reference for those who want to evaluate the interaction with the default development environment for Flash.

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