13th meeting of the startup and investor community StartupPoint (Moscow, October 25)

    The opportunity to receive investments, feedback from experts, personal advice on your startup, get to know key market players, and be inspired to work fruitfully this Sunday at the next meeting of the StartupPoint community.

    Stated startups :

    of Ad-the Lancer
    Apply  to the presentation of the project at the Point. Why do startups present ?

    Invited experts with presentations:
    • Arkady Moreynis, Chief Executive Officer of Glavstart Company, Founder of Price.ru, Former Development and Project Development Director at Rambler - “How to Doom a Startup to Death?”
    • Sergey Tarasenko - “Success Story of Actio.tv Startup”
    • Interactive training "How perfect is your startup?" From the company "People"
    Everyone is invited to the point. Registration is required.
    Venue, address, conditions of participation and other useful information on the site.

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