Conceptual gadget combining a telephone and a computer with a microdisplay - WIPC

    BlueRadios company announced an unusual portable device WiPC (Wireless PC), which combines the functions of a phone, player, computer and at the same time does not have a traditional screen. Instead, the device is equipped with a microdisplay, to which you need to attach an eye to see something.
    Micro-display Golden-I released by Kopin and is characterized by a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. At the same time, as the developers note, the user gets the impression that he is looking at a 15-inch monitor. The viewing angle is 32 degrees. WiPC supports a wide range of software platforms, including Linux, Android, Windows CE, Windows Mobile 7.

    Thanks to the dual-core processor, the device can play D1 quality video (720 x 480 pixels at a speed of 30 fps). Among the technical features of new items are also noted Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2G / 3.5G modem, GPS, FM tuners, TV. At the disposal of the user voice control, “wheel”, an optical manipulator.

    WiPC is, without exaggeration, very compact and lightweight. Its mass with a battery is only 85 grams. In addition, the power consumption of this tiny computer is only 1 Watt.

    Currently, WiPC is available only to first-tier OEMs and wholesalers willing to purchase batches of 10,000 or more.

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