Startup Weekend is now in Moscow

    Over the past year, the quality of events dedicated to working with startups has risen sharply: these are barcamps (for example, both campaigns), thematic meetings (for example, Startup Point ), and Russian versions of international conferences, such as TED.

    This weekend, a new event is expected that will be interesting for startups: Startup Weekend , which is held both in Silicon Valley and in cities such as Boston, New York, San Diego. Now it will be held in Moscow.

    Take the journey from an idea to a product on the market in 54 hours? Experience has shown that this is real. Since 2007, when the first Startup Weekend took place in Silicon Valley, the essence of the event has not changed: less talk - more work.

    Purpose of

    The first Russian Startup Weekend will be held in Moscow from  October 2 to  4 . According to Russian organizers, events of this format are especially needed in our country. On the one hand, this is a clear alternative to long-term construction and the development of entrepreneurial activity among young people. On the other, a great incentive for the emergence of bright, innovative companies. Another important point is the integration of Russian startups in the international movement, increasing the ambitiousness of projects, focusing on the global world market.

    How is the Startup Weekend going?

    In the large hall, 100-150  diverse specialists and entrepreneurs gather : marketers, sellers, developers, designers, project managers. They select the most interesting business ideas, and unite in teams that will realize them. Regardless of whether they managed to do it in two days or not, they get invaluable experience and insight into working in a startup.

    At Startup Weekend you can find like-minded people to build a business, as well as get acquainted with experts, investors, and, possibly, attract them as their advisers.
    The main task is to quickly show the participants the principles of work in a startup, its formation and effective management, as well as help future startups find partners for themselves.


    This initiative was proposed by Alexei Karlov (TEDx organizer, iCamp / StartCamp'09), so for all organizational issues it is better to contact him: karlov2004 (at) The event itself was supported by the HSE Business Incubator and will be held on its basis.

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