Truckers 3: Russian Adventure in California (Interview)

    Good day friends. Not so long ago, I had already collected questions for interviews and demonstrated video from exhibitions . Now I want to actually demonstrate this interview.

    - Hello! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

    Hello! Igor Belago - Director of the "Department of Virtual Reality" of SoftLab-NSK.

    - I would like to know the minimum and recommended system requirements if they have changed.


    * OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7;
    * Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz;
    * Memory: 1.0 GB;
    * Video card: class nVidia GeForce 5700 or ATI Radeon X800 with 128 MB of video memory, compatible with DirectX 9.0;
    * Audio card: compatible with DirectX 9.0;
    * Hard disk: 10 GB of free space;
    * DirectX 9.0s .;
    * DVD reader;
    * keyboard; mouse.


    * System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7;
    * Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz;
    * Memory: 2.0 GB;
    * Video card: compatible with DirectX 9.0, class nVidia GeForce 8800 or Radeon HD 3870 with 256 MB of video memory and higher;
    * Audio card: compatible with DirectX 9.0;
    * Hard disk: 10 GB of free space;
    * DirectX 9.0s.
    * DVD reader;
    * keyboard; mouse.
    * Game steering wheel, pedals

    - How long will it take one day?

    In the main mode - 1 hour of real time. In the "One order" mode, the user can control the time and duration of the gaming day.

    - Will bad weather conditions affect the behavior on the road not only of the car controlled by the player, but also of the NPC?

    Of course, weather conditions affect all vehicles in the game.

    - Will the change of seasons be implemented, and how will this be manifested?

    Like in California. In winter it is colder, there is a lot of rain, snow and ice are possible in the mountains.
    - Perhaps the appearance of snow in the northern regions of California? If there is ice, will the behavior of the car change?

    The weather corresponds to the real weather in California for one randomly selected year. In winter, snow and ice in the mountains are possible. Especially dangerous for the driver is Black Ice. This is a thin transparent crust of ice on the asphalt. Outwardly, it looks the same as an ordinary wet road. Truckers determine this effect by the absence of spray from other vehicles.

    - Will there be a mafia in the game? If so, will she be mortal?

    We’ll have to meet with the mafia. The player himself will be able to choose his own path - go aside and fight. The mafia is mortal. But also the main character is mortal.

    - Only red light and accident accidents will be considered offenses, or will there be a more real binding to the rules?

    The game implements a fairly large selection of California traffic rules. It would be pointless to carry out a full implementation, since in real life the work of an American trucker is very strictly regulated. Therefore, part of the restrictions has been removed. You can familiarize yourself with the quick reference on California traffic rules on the official website of "Truckers" in the "Tips" section.


    - Is blocking of road sections (or part of lanes) due to an accident occurring? Will there be natural disasters?

    Any accident can lead to traffic jams, as the traffic in the game is quite dense. At the same time, no special overlapping of lanes or roads is made in the game. There are no typhoons and tornadoes.

    - Will the police “hunt” only for the player, or can AI also fall under the all-seeing eye of the police?

    Even in the event of an accident, the police may not blame the player, but the other driver.

    - Will there be cameras for speed control in "Truckers-3" as in "Truckers-2"?

    No, there are no obvious radars in the game. But special drivers can be “laid down" by other drivers.

    - Will it be possible to give bribes to the police in 3 parts of the game?

    Not. We on the real road in California do not recommend this to anyone. You can easily rattle in jail. Even the question of the amount of the fine is perplexing for the policeman. It is up to the court. Where we were invited for speeding in one of the business trips.

    - Will there be traffic jams?

    In the game settings there is a special parameter "Movement intensity". Naturally, with more cars and inadequate player actions, traffic jams are inevitable.

    - How many cameras are in the truck? What angles can I watch? Is it still possible to twist your head?

    There are two cameras in the cabin: from the driver's seat and from the sleeping bag. You can twist your head and change the zoom of the camera with the mouse.
    - Will turn signals and emergency lights be implemented?

    Yes, and the turn signals turn off when changing directions, as well as on a real machine.

    - Will all the indicators on the dashboard work? If oil leaks in case of engine damage, will the indicator on the dashboard light up?

    Yes, all key sensors and dashboard warning lights are functional. Having an idea of ​​the design of the machine, you can determine the malfunction yourself and even prevent the development of a serious problem.

    - Will there be communication via walkie-talkies between the drivers?

    Yes. On CBS radio, it will be possible to receive a bunch of useful information (unexpected orders, delivery information, requests for help, warnings, etc.) and respond quickly to it.

    - Will it be possible to sleep in the sleeping bag of the truck?

    A modern California trucker sleeps in motels. A luxury sleeping bag is rather a tribute to tradition. Punitive measures for lack of rest from the game removed, although this is one of the basic rules governing the work of the American trucker.

    - Will there be a partner in the game sitting in the passenger seat, telling jokes and sometimes working as an autopilot if the player wants to relax.

    No, we will not have a permanent partner. But similar functions will be performed by colorful fellow travelers, whom we will meet in bars, restaurants or just on the highway. - What will happen if the gamer does not keep within the time of delivery of the passenger and generally takes him to the wrong place. Will the passenger entertain the player by talking?

    If we do not keep up with the time or cause the passenger inconvenience, he will refuse to continue the journey with us, ask him to drop him off and, of course, pay nothing. If everything is in order, then we will certainly be waiting for a dialogue, perhaps a new interesting task, etc.
    - Will the player have the opportunity to use such systems as engine braking, trailer braking; Cruise control; differential lock, etc.?

    Yes, including the special Engine Break system, which is popular for long-haul tractors. This is especially important on steep slopes, where the use of conventional brakes can lead to the rapid burning of pads. Differential locks for the trucks used in the game do not. Our cruise control is adaptive, i.e. it takes into account the distance to the vehicles in front and, if necessary, slows down. The game has a host of other upgrades that affect driver safety and driving performance.
    - Are damage to the coupling mechanisms in the tractor / trailer implemented, will this affect the reliability of the coupling? Are damage to the coupler power cables implemented? Are trailers braking mechanisms implemented, their breakdowns? Will this affect the behavior of the composition?

    Damage to the hitch system implemented. Braking by the semitrailer (first, the contours of the semitrailer are worked out, then the contours of the tractor) were not realized. In general, less attention is paid to damage to semi-trailers than to damage to machines. The semi-trailers in the game are owned by the California Trading Base Association and other customers, so the player does not have a special need to monitor their condition.

    image-Will there be damage to cars in an auto transporter? Will fuel tanks explode on impact? Will gas stations explode?

    Yes, cars are a very expensive cargo, so their damage during transportation is fraught with major forfeits. Tanks and gas stations do not explode. Barrels of flammable substances explode, and their flame can even spread to a nearby car.

    - Will a similar inspection be taken into account?

    At each service station, the player will be able to receive a detailed diagnostic report on the state of his car. No punitive measures for the improper condition of the machine in the game is not provided. - Will trucks of other truckers and mercenaries of the company also break down?

    Yes they will. And not only to break, but also to wear out if they have large runs.

    - What are the fundamental differences between the "simulator" and "arcade" modes? Will the physics of car movement change when these modes change?

    The game has three difficulty levels - "beginner" (or 4-wheeler, as professional truckers of motorists contemptuously call), "trucker" and "expert". As the difficulty level increases, the game becomes more and more contrasting: the acceptable delivery time decreases, bonuses increase, forfeits grow, competitors become more aggressive and the police are more persistent. Car physics and road grip options are becoming more realistic.


    - Is it possible to buy cars?

    No, the game is dedicated to truckers, so we decided not to mix genres and not turn the game into a traditional racing simulator.

    - It was said that the fleet has changed. Is it possible to edit the list of cars on the site in accordance with the changes? Naturally, with all sorts of screenshots on max settings.

    A similar update is already being prepared and will be published shortly.

    - Will it be possible to ride a truck with a trailer and without cargo?

    All trailers in the game will be loaded with one load or another before the player receives them. As a result of successful delivery, the goods will be transferred to the customer. In case of unsuccessful delivery, the player may hang out with the trailer for some time.
    - Will it be possible to see other drivers at the service and loading stations?

    Yes, it will be possible to see how drivers call at the loading station and leave. Also sometimes trucks and trailers of other drivers will be parked near the bars. In the latter case, it is possible that there is a delivery task for us.

    image- Will it be possible to give any commands to drivers from their company, that is, to mercenaries.

    The player is available strategic management of the company. Those. he determines what types of orders a particular driver must fulfill, which car from the player’s fleet is more suitable for him, what salary should be set for him. The player must "calculate" the talents of his driver in order to optimize profits.
    - Will fuel prices change at one particular gas station?

    No, fuel prices at a single gas station do not change during the game. But different gas stations offer fuel at different prices.

    - It is known that when we pass through different parts of the state, we will hear music on the radio station corresponding to the area, but will it be possible to switch the FM receiver on our own? Is it possible to hear Russian speech on the radio?


    Yes, you can switch the receiver or just turn it off if you are more comfortable doing your work to the sound of the motor. Of course, the Russian language will be heard on the radio (at least in the Russian-language version of the game).
    -Will there be a digital distribution of the game?

    This question falls within the competence of the publisher

    - Will there be TrackIR support?

    Yes, the game supports TrackIR. In addition, the game supports three monitor displays using the Matrox TripleHead2Go device.
    - Windows 7 is just around the corner. Will Truckers 3 fully support it?

    Yes, and testing the game under the release version of Windows 7 is already underway.

    - Now the trend has gone even among domestic developers to release their games on new generation consoles. Do you plan to release the game on consoles, and if so, on which ones?

    We are thinking about this perspective and are interested in the capabilities of all consoles of the current generation. But for now, Truckers remain a PC-exclusive. Perhaps in the future the project will become multi-platform.
    - Will there be some kind of map editor, go sdk?

    No, the level editor has not been planned yet.


    Also, I would like to remind (those who knew) or inform (respectively, those who did not know) that a second interview is being prepared, because I am waiting for questions in the comments ... I will answer something right here ...

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