By post: “Consumer Protection in Russia: We Are Far from the Last.” The flip side of the coin

    So, let's begin

    Seller: You can’t take the money for the phone, because two weeks have already passed since the purchase.
    Here you can introduce the concept of a significant flaw, because money can only be returned if its most mysterious flaw is discovered.

    What is this - a significant defect in the goods - an irreparable defect or a defect that cannot be eliminated without disproportionate costs or time costs
    ? Any seller may refuse referring to this. Really insulting?

    Seller: Sorry, but the phone is a technically complex product, the return period for which is 14 days.

    Even as the seller is right again. Why?
    A list of non-food goods of good quality that cannot be returned or exchanged for similar goods of other sizes, shapes, style, colors or configurations (approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 N 55)
    (as amended on October 20, 1998., February 6 . 2002.)
    that's just the point 11 tells us:
    Technically complex products, household purpose for which the warranty periods set (metal-cutting machine and wood, household, household electrical appliances and mashyna, household electronic equipment, household calc to computational and copying equipment, photo and video equipment, telephones and facsimile equipment, 'electronic musical instruments, electronic toys ...).
    And the seller is right again, annoyance !!!

    Продавец: А чек вы сохранили? Кстати, а вот тут ваша годовалая гарантия сегодня истекает, извините, ничем не можем вам помочь.

    5, clause 18 of the article really says:
    In cases where the warranty period stipulated by the contract is less than two years and the defects of the goods were discovered by the consumer after the warranty period, but within two years, the consumer has the right to present to the seller (manufacturer) the requirements provided for in article 18 of this Law if he proves that the shortcomings of the goods arose before its transfer to the consumer or for reasons that arose up to that point.
    But one small but, the seller has the right to set the warranty period, and the right to refuse take the goods, and you have to carry the goods to the service center yourself.


    Here are probably the main points that may not play into your hands.
    Sometimes it’s easier to go and take the goods to the service center yourself and your head will not hurt.
    In case that violent buyers come and download their rights, sellers have cameras installed
    In case of malicious buyers.
    So it turns out that not everything is so smooth with us; the law does not always work for you.
    Have a good shopping% username%

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